Bitsi-Lite Publishing

The roots of Bitsi-Lite Publishing grew from a friend-request: “Help! I don’t know what I’m doing, and I don’t have time to learn!” I accepted the challenge–it sounded immensely interesting, but I quickly found myself in the same situation as the author. An immense list of never-ending tasks, each with many decisions to be taken and many more options for each of those decisions. And what a quagmire to navigate out there! Scouring the web looking through obscure material trying to uncover all the secrets of publishing. And so slowly, a mission evolved.

The goal of Bitsi-Lite Publishing is to be a publishing agent with a difference. Yet, for this to become reality, a unique model is required to aid independent authors who decide to take on some assistance. Designing this business model will not be a trivial task – but the model is in-the-making.  Once it is produced, you authors will most certainly like it – because it will be in your favor first and foremost. 

Watch this space over the coming year to see what we come up with.